directioners forever
The time has finally come! One Direction has finished up their tour, and are now getting some time off! The first thing they went to do? Spend some time on the beach to just hang out and act normal. Sort of. Who knows if that's even possible for them? So the boys decide to head to Los Angeles, and have even rented their own beach house. Who knows what could happen there? Maybe they'll meet cute girls. Maybe they'll meet jealous guys. And maybe, they'll meet obsessed fans. The boys better prepare themselves for L.A.

Harry Styles as himself - One Direction - Eighteen - Single - OPEN

Harry Edward Styles. Where to begin with this boy? He was born to Anne Cox and had one older sister, Gemma Styles. His life is pretty easy to find out about. Just google his name, and there you go. Adored by many girls, he’s known as a flirt. Whether or not that’s a good thing can be determined by you. A player, isn’t he? His relationship prior to his single status was with someone nearly half his age, Caroline Flack. The relationship had ended due to criticism from many people, and now he’s single. Now that he is back on the market, he’s looking frantically for the right girl. Who knows what or who he’ll find in L.A.? Or what trouble he’ll be getting into. Trouble can only be expected when it comes to Harry, after all. Maybe he’ll break someone’s heart. Or maybe, just maybe, get his own heart broken. We’ll see what happens.¬†

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